Zoysia Turf

For edging around golf course bunkers or the lawn for your beach house, zoysia is the choice. It is exceptionally hardy and has the best wear resistance of any grass. Zoysia tolerates heat, dry weather, poor soil and even salt water better than any other type of turf.

Zoysia can be mowed to heights less than one inch and requires mowing only about one fourth as often as other grasses. Installation and care of zoysia sod is probably easier than any other type of grass.

Zoysia sod is available as palletized pieces, 16″ X 45″.

 Our zoysia varieties

 Empire zoysia

A medium bladed zoysia with blue-green color. It has very good spring green up and fall color retention.

More information on Empire Zoysia


Zeon zoysia

A fine bladed zoysia with deep green color that replaces Emerald zoysia. It can handle full sun to light to medium shade.

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