Sod Varieties

Sod Harvest 960


A specialized grass used for golf greens, tees and fairways. There is a high level of maintenance required for it to reach its potential.

Our current bentgrass varieties

007 Bentgrass

Latitude 36 Bermudagrass

“Latitude 36 offers the finer blades of Tifway with a cold hardiness equivalent to Patriot,” said Dr. Dennis Martin, OSU professor and extension turf specialist. Latitude36_logo “For the golf course superintendent, sports field manager and homeowner, this new grass offers outstanding beauty and performance; combining excellent cold hardiness, early green-up, fine texture, excellent density, excellent wear tolerance and rapid recovery from traffic.” Here is a fact sheet from Oklahoma State University on the developement of Latitude 36.

A video of Latitude Bermudagrass harvested this winter; sod was overseeded with perennial ryegrass 

Latitude 36 for sports turf

Latitude 36 for golf courses

Latitude 36 Gallery

 Patriot Bermudagrass

Patriot bermudagrass from Oakwood Sod Farm is available as Maryland certified sod, either palletized or in big rolls, to suit your requirements.



Deliveries near our farm are made with flatbed truck, but for shipments over 400 miles we ship in temperature-controlled trailers to ensure freshness and quality upon arrival. Our staff is experienced in long distance logistics and will work with you to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Patriot bermudagrass for athletic fields

Patriot bermudagrass for golf courses

Gallery of Patriot fields

Gallery of Patriot on golf courses

Tall Fescue


When it comes to grass for a home or business in the Mid-Atlantic region, turf-type tall fescue blends are hard to beat.

Dark green, tough and resilient, fescue makes the ideal lawn in this climate.  Fescue does require 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight each day. Our tall fescue sod is grown on a sandy soil to ensure compatibility and fast rooting in any site conditions. Installation and care of tall fescue sod is very easy if proper procedures are followed.

Our tall fescue sod is available as folded pieces, small rolls or big rolls. The folded pieces measure 16″ X 45″ (5 square feet) and the small rolls are 24″ X 60″ (10 square feet). The big rolls are 42″ wide and can be cut to any length up to 115 feet. Our sod is available as Maryland Certified Sod.


For edging around golf course bunkers or the lawn for your beach house, zoysia is the choice. It is exceptionally hardy and has the best wear resistance of any grass. Zoysia tolerates heat, dry weather, poor soil and even salt water better than any other type of turf.

Zoysia can be mowed to heights less than one inch and requires mowing only about one fourth as often as other grasses. Installation and care of zoysia sod is probably easier than any other type of grass.

Zoysia sod is available as palletized pieces, 16″ X 45″.

 Our zoysia varieties

 Empire zoysia

A medium bladed zoysia with blue-green color. It has very good spring green up and fall color retention.

More information on Empire Zoysia

Zeon zoysia

A fine bladed zoysia with deep green color that replaces Emerald zoysia. It can handle full sun to light to medium shade.

More information on Zeon zoysia


Northbridge Bermudagrass

Oakwood Sod Farm has recently expanded our plot of Northbridge.