Sprigging and Renovation Services

Springs01If you have a large open area such as an athletic field or golf course fairway, it may be more economical to install and grow in Patriot bermudagrass from sprigs. This is an entirely different procedure than sodding and is not instantaneous. Sprigs should be planted in spring or summer and require 60 to 90 days for complete grow in. Adequate irrigation is a must for sprig establishment. Oakwood Sod Farm uses the latest in row planting equipment and techniques to guarantee a quality product.


For complete renovation and stripping of an athletic field or fairway nothing can match our Koro Topmaker for speed and quality of results. Our Koro can completely remove the turf and thatch from up to one acre per hour and leave the surface ready for sod installation.

Koro Top Maker from Oakwood Sod Farm