Turf Care

Sprigging and Renovation Services

If you have a large open area such as an athletic field or golf course fairway, it may be more economical to install and grow in bermudagrass sprigs.  washington college 8.23.05 014This is an entirely different procedure than sodding and is not instantaneous.




Lawns & Landscaping

Whether you are a homeowner who needs 50 square feet or a commercial landscaper needing 5 acres, Oakwood Sod Farm can help!


Installation Care

The Key points of Installation and Care of Turf

  • Soil Preparation

  • Turf Installation

  • Watering

  • Mowing

  • Fertilizing




Sod Washer

We have invested in a sod washing machine that will allow us to remove soil from the roots of our bentgrass sod.