About Us

Oakwood Sod Farm, Inc. is owned and operated by Alan and Gary Wilber who started the sod farm over twenty-five years ago.


Local landscape contractors, our original customers, are still the heart of our operation.  Although in recent years, golf and athletic turf have become a larger part. Oakwood Sod Farm has supplied quality turf products to many golf courses on the Delmarva Peninsula as well as to many others from New York to Virginia.   Today, Oakwood grows tall fescue, zoysia, and bentgrass, as well as Latitude and Patriot bermudagrasses.sod rolls

Athletic fields are a very important part of our business today. Strict liability laws have forced owners to demand the highest quality turf in order to limit injuries to athletes and avoid potential lawsuits. Oakwood has experience in developing premium athletic surfaces for school systems, major colleges and the National Football League. Whether you need 50 square feet for your lawn or 50 acres for your golf course or anything in between, Oakwood Sod Farm can help!

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